What is Art Fair 14C?

Art Fair 14C – which got its name as a wink to the “which exit?” joke about New Jersey from Saturday Night Live – is a non profit art fair with the mission to strengthen and support the visual arts.

The art fair began as an initiative of the Jersey City Arts Council, prompted by the question, “how do we help artists and galleries thrive and make a living?”

Given that 46% of global art sales happen at Art Fairs (source: The Art Market 2018 by Art Basel and UBS), and that so many of our area galleries and artists have been unable to participate in art fairs, it seemed like a good idea to start one that would focus on the small and medium sized galleries who rarely have access to art fairs, as well as non-profit arts organizations and individual artists.




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FAQs for galleries

Does my gallery have to be from New Jersey to be eligible for an exhibition room?

The exhibition application is open to all galleries or arts organizations, or individual artists – no geographic restrictions.

I’m not a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery, can I still apply?

We recognize that the traditional model of gallery is in flux – it’s one of the reasons we created this art fair, to help strengthen galleries! – and that there are many different ways that art dealers can exhibit and sell art. We are open and flexible in our requirements for gallery applicants, but if you are uncertain about applying, please feel free to email us at info@artfair14c.com, explain your business model, and we will be happy to help guide you.

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, there is a $40 application fee for exhibition rooms.  This fee covers the costs of the application (we use Submittable) and honoraria for the judges. 

Who are the jurors selecting the exhibiting galleries?

Juror names will be announced this fall.

What are the costs to participate?

Galleries, organizations or artists selected as exhibitors will pay the cost of their hotel room at the Hyatt Regency, which is $159 per night for four nights – checking in on Thursday February 20, checking out on Monday February 24. There are no upfront costs (other than the application fee), payment in full is due to the Hyatt Regency upon checkout.

There is no fee or commission on sales from the exhibition rooms. If an exhibitor needs a credit card sale facilitated, Art Fair 14C will do that for a 5% fee.

Can we effectively display art in the Hyatt rooms?

There is no question that a 360-400 sq foot hotel room is not the same as a white-walled booth at a large exhibition center, but the Hyatt’s rooms are well set up for display, particularly of small and medium scale pieces.  

Calabar Gallery's room from the 2019 Art Fair 14C
Calabar Gallery


Will the hotel room furniture be removed?

No – the only thing that will be removed prior to check-in will be the artwork currently hanging in each room. Past exhibitors created unique installations and found many creative and effective ways to display art.

Can we use the rooms after the Fair’s open hours for client appointments?

Yes – it’s your room, you have occupancy of it from March 14 through the 18th. You can also sleep overnight, as long as the room is ready as an exhibition space by open hours the next day.

What if I have never participated in an art fair before?

Because our focus is on small and medium sized galleries, and in particular, galleries from New Jersey, we anticipate that many will 14C as their first art fair experience.  We want to provide the boost that allows galleries to increase their exposure and abilities to continue at other art fairs.

I have more questions.

We’ll try to answer them all – please write to us at info@artfair14c.com.



FAQs for artists

Do I have to be from New Jersey to participate in the art fair?

Yes and no.

The Juried Show for individual artists is open only to artists who live or work in New Jersey. You must have a current New Jersey address to apply.

But there are no geographic restrictions for exhibition rooms – any artist (or pair or group of artists) may apply for one of the rooms.

Who are the jurors for the Juried Show?

The names of the  jurors will be announced this fall.

Is there a fee to apply?

Yes, there is a $25 fee for all artists, who are allowed to submit a maximum of three works for consideration. This fee covers the costs of the application (we use Submittable) and honoraria for the judges. 

If you apply for an exhibition room – and you are from New Jersey – the first three uploaded works are automatically entered into the Juried Show. There is no need to fill out both applications.

The 2019 Juried Show at Art Fair 14CHow much does it cost to have an exhibition room? Can I share the room with another artist and split the cost?

If accepted, you will simply pay the price of the hotel room – $159 per night for four nights (February 20-24). You will have to secure the reservation with a credit card couple of weeks before, but won’t be charged until checkout.

Part of the mission of Art Fair 14C is to provide access to an art fair at cost. If you want to partner with one or more artists and split the costs of the hotel room, please indicate that on the application. All artists who want to share a room will need to fill out the application, and all artists will need to be accepted by our jury.

If I apply for an exhibition room, can I sleep in the room at night?

Yes – it’s your room, you have occupancy of it from February 20 through the 24th. You can sleep overnight, as long as the room is ready as an exhibition space by open hours the next day.

How will sales of artwork be handled?

Sales for the Juried Show will go through Art Fair 14C, which will take 30% commission. Sales in exhibition rooms are handled by the exhibitors, whether gallery or individual artist, with no commission from Art Fair 14C. If you need an intermediary to do credit card sales, then the Art Fair can do that for a 5% fee.


FAQs for visitors

What kind of art will I see at 14C?

Although the participating galleries and artists for 2020 haven’t been selected yet – make sure you’re on our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to get updates – but we anticipate an enormous variety of contemporary art and the opportunity to discover artists and galleries that are rarely seen at art fairs.  The Juried Show will showcase some of the best artists in New Jersey.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets will be on sale this fall – all proceeds go to support the non-profit Art Fair 14C and its artists.  Make sure you are on our mailing list to get information on discounts and opportunities.

I’m not that familiar with Jersey City, is it easy to get to the Art Fair 14C from NYC?

Very easy!

The Hyatt Regency is at Exchange Place on the waterfront. There is PATH train service to Exchange Place from the World Trade Center Oculus (you can use your MetroCard). It’s about a 3-minute ride on the PATH. There are also ferries across the Hudson on NY Waterways that go from Brookfield Place near the WTC.

There is ample parking in the area, and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail stops about a block away.

NOTE: The Port Authority has announced that the World Trade Center PATH station will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays in 2019 and 2020 to repair damage done by Superstorm Sandy. New York Waterways and LYFT offer discounted rates on the weekends to Jersey City.