Announcing expanded opportunities for artists

In the months since 14C Art Fair was announced, we have been talking to artists and art lovers around the state of New Jersey, and through those conversations we realized that we made a mistake when we initially restricted our exhibition rooms to galleries and excluded individual artists.
So now galleries – from New Jersey and beyond – and artists, who must be from New Jersey, can each apply for an exhibition room at the Hyatt for 14C Art Fair.
In retrospect, the reasons for doing this are obvious.  Our mission is to strengthen the visual arts, and to provide opportunities for artists and galleries.  There are a lot more artists than there are galleries, and many incredible artists are not represented by a gallery.  It began to feel to us as though we weren’t doing enough for the individual artists.
And in our conversations, it was individual artists who were often the most excited about the opportunities provided by 14C, and it was the prospect of discovering unknown artists from New Jersey that got everyone else really intrigued.
The Juried Show, which will be in the center of the Hyatt penthouse ballroom, is still open to any visual artist who lives or works in New Jersey, but for those artists who want to expand their opportunities, there is now the option to apply for a room as well.
Individual artists who apply for exhibition rooms will be automatically entered into the Juried Show, no need for two applications.
Artists who have already applied to the Juried Show will be contacted and asked if they want to be considered for exhibition rooms.
As a 501c3 non-profit, part of the mission of 14C Art Fair is to provide artists and galleries with the art fair experience at cost.
– The fee to apply to either the Juried Show or an Exhibition Room is $35.
– Galleries or artists accepted for an Exhibition Room pay the price of the hotel room, $249/night for the nights of March 13-17, 2019.
Deadline to apply is January 14, 2019.
For more information, please contact Robinson Holloway at